This is a birthday post

Today is my birthday, one year older, one year closer to death, yadda yadda. Semester starts tomorrow and I have to get up at 6am.

One good note is that I think I scored 100 free custom business cards with free shipping in the wee hours of this morning. Let's see if they turn out any good.

Here's some artwork.

Mild NSFW warning for nudies.


LSG Commissions Part Deux

Another commission done for a fellow member of LSG, this time for Tivity! It features her and her love, Skeptical, enjoying some old fashioned sock-hop fun.


Morning Coffee

A little doodle I whipped up in between commissions, sort of a palette-cleanser for art, I guess. It's also available on t-shirts and die-cut vinyl stickers, if you're interested.



A character reference commission I just finished up. An interesting character design; while I have drawn Kirin before, I have not drawn an anthro version of one.

I don't normally do turnaround (front and back view) reference sheets for commissions. They're a little too time consuming for me, but all in all, I think this turned out well and the client is satisfied with it.



Another Minecraft Skin

For those who want to run around as a manchild and create their own blocky CWCville.



Sounds dirty, huh?

I'm experimenting with the skinning feature for Minecraft (making custom skins for player characters, that is).

First attempt:

A pretty crappy Slenderman.

Second attempt:

Generic animu school girl.

Pixies and Clams


Another commissioned piece. Slots are still open, if you're interested!


A hipster Geoduck clam.


A Tree

Definitely a tree.

Yet another commission for Magma; an illustration for her character site.

Keep in mind, I am still very much open for and accepting artwork commissions!



[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Two portraits, one commission. These represent the human and vampire form of the roleplay character, Yevka.



[caption id="attachment_7" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="WIP of a commission"][/caption]