LSG Commissions Part Deux

Another commission done for a fellow member of LSG, this time for Tivity! It features her and her love, Skeptical, enjoying some old fashioned sock-hop fun.


Morning Coffee

A little doodle I whipped up in between commissions, sort of a palette-cleanser for art, I guess. It's also available on t-shirts and die-cut vinyl stickers, if you're interested.



A character reference commission I just finished up. An interesting character design; while I have drawn Kirin before, I have not drawn an anthro version of one.

I don't normally do turnaround (front and back view) reference sheets for commissions. They're a little too time consuming for me, but all in all, I think this turned out well and the client is satisfied with it.



Another Minecraft Skin

For those who want to run around as a manchild and create their own blocky CWCville.



Sounds dirty, huh?

I'm experimenting with the skinning feature for Minecraft (making custom skins for player characters, that is).

First attempt:

A pretty crappy Slenderman.

Second attempt:

Generic animu school girl.

Pixies and Clams


Another commissioned piece. Slots are still open, if you're interested!


A hipster Geoduck clam.